Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week In The Life: Wednesday Words + Photos

5:55 am- Alarm goes off.  I pull Libby up from my bed (again) and we take a quick shower together.  Kyndall had hers last night at Emily's, so she's good to sleep for a little longer.

6:30 am- Breakfast--waffles with powdered sugar and chocolate chips for the girls, Special K cereal for me, breakfast bar for Justin on the way to work.

7:00 am- Word of the day:  Hair.  Today at school are Santa pictures, so I curled both girls' hair this morning.

7:15 am- School.  Today, both girls' extra was library, so they got to see me!  Holiday weeks are some of the only times we watch movies (I usually read stories), but all the classes are watching Spookly the Square Pumpkin this week.

11:45 am- The girls finally got their picture made with Santa, just before lunch.  Kyndall asked him for a Minecraft game for the XBox and Libby asked for a Crayola Marker Maker.

3:00 pm- After school we went straight home to get ready for the Halloween Trunk or Treat at our church. (Talk about a mash-up of holidays, right?)  Kyndall is dressing as Hermione from Harry Potter, so she needed wavy hair.  (See--more hair!!) We wet it just a bit and then did lots and lots of teeny tiny little braids.

(Photo courtesy of Libby--she hasn't quite learned how to take 'sharp' pictures yet.)

5:30 pm- All ready and headed to the church.

7:00 pm- Trunk or Treating, hay riding, hot dog eating, and hot air balloon riding at TBC.  Of course, there were 7,378 Elsa's there :)

8:30 pm- We made it home just after 8:00.  The girls pulled off their costumes and laid them out for Friday night's festivities and then all but fell into bed.  They were asleep within five minutes, and I wasn't far behind.

Story from today: I had intentionally not signed Justin up to help at the Fall Festival last night so that he could help me watch the girls.  Of course, he got hit up Sunday night and agreed to work a shift at one of the blow-up slide.  About five minutes into his shift, the generator on the slide quit working so he was able to walk around with us anyways.  In other words, if you need anything, I have a direct line to God =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week in the Life: Tuesday Words & Photos

6:00 am- Snooze the alarm

6:05 am- Wake up and get in the shower.  I try to get all the way finished with my shower and makeup and have nothing left to do except my hair by the time I wake the girls up.  This way I can enjoy breakfast with them.

6:30am- Wake the girls up.  They BOTH slept in their own beds last night! SCORE! Breakfast was cereal for everyone.

6:50am- We are trying something new at our house where they girls get an allowance each week for completing certain chores.  They check off the chores on their list and they get money depending on how many checks they have.  One of their chores is to feed and water the dogs each morning.  Kyndall is really on top of this, Libby not so much.

7:20am- School time.  Somehow, the girls have their 'extras' on the same day.  Today, they both have computer lab.  I didn't get pictures there, but I did send the iPad with the PE teacher and she took some awesome pictures.  There is something to be said for getting everyone involved in this project!
PS:  This is so typical of the girls.  Libby always, always, always plays with Brook-lynn and Riley.  They run around and play princess and teacher and whatever there imagination brings.  Kyndall always, always, always plays a game or sport....and intensely.  That girl is as competitive as they come!

4:30 pm- Chief and Snoogie's BBQ for supper, wolfed down in about five minutes before our 'activities' begin.  A plain potato, no meat, is their absolute favorite food right now.

5:00 pm- Drop Kyndall off at Maggie's for basketball practice and head to Libby's football game.  Sending one of our girls with a non-parent or grandparent is an extremely rare occurrence.  But this is a playoff game and quite possible could be Libby's last game to cheer at this season, so everyone wants to be there.  And I feel like Libby feels a little left out--Justin and I have neither one been super excited about her cheer season.  Not because of her at all, but because of the season itself.  All the games this time have run late starting, which added to the game itself means around 4 or 4 and a half hours at the football field on a Saturday.  Which is no fun, let me tell you.

6:00 pm- Game time.  I got to be coach tonight since both our REAL coaches were sick.  Woohoo! (<---and that is complete sarcasm.  Coaching a group of 5 and 6 year old cheerleaders while almost seven months pregnant is not wonderful, FYI.)  BUT I love that Libby has this sweet girl to cheer with.

8:00 pm- Pick up Kyndall.  A HUGE shout out to Emily--K had already been bathed and was all ready for bed.

8:10 pm- Libby fell asleep on the way home, so as soon as we walked in the door it was bedtime for the girls.

8:30 pm- I snuggled up in bed with some old magazines I hadn't had a chance to read yet while Justin settled down in front of the TV.

9:30 pm- Lights out at the West house.

One thing I've noticed this time around (after only two days) is that I am less concerned (stressed, worried) with getting lots of pictures and more mindful of paying attention to the stories of our day.  That is one thing Ali really stressed in her Week in the Life planning post and one thing I had really failed to do with last years WITL album.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week in the Life 2014: Monday Words & Photos

5:55 am- I unwrap Libby's arms from around me as the alarm goes off.  YES, she is still in our beds most nights.  We really need a bigger bed.

6:25 am- Libby has been begging to wake up to an alarm, so I set her iPad alarm for 6:27 and go to wake up Kyndall.

6:30 am- Breakfast:  waffles with powdered sugar and chocolate chips for Kyndall, Special K for Libby, oatmeal for me, and microwaved sausage biscuits for Justin.

7:20 am- Walk in at school and begin our day.  On Mondays, both of the girls have art.

3:00 pm- Home from school and start homework.  Kyndall works on math while Libby reads her story to me.

5:00 pm- Dinnertime!  Chicken Spaghetti (that was just a bit too cheesy).  Battle with Libby over eating.  The girl doesn't want to eat anything.  We go to war over food every single day.

5:45 pm- A walk around the neighborhood and a little b-ball game in the driveway.

7:00 pm- Showers for the girls.

7:30 pm- The girls curl up in bed and watch Liv and Maddie on TV to unwind while I get clothes/backpacks/lunches ready for tomorrow.

8:00 pm- Bedtime for girls, a cup of decaf coffee for Mommy, last weeks' episodes of Nashville and Scandal for Mommy and Daddy.

9:30 pm-Bedtime for me.  Justin usually falls asleep on the couch while watching the news and comes to bed around 11:00.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Just A Few Things for Monday

1.  From soccer to basketball.  Kyndall played her first game this weekend, during a preseason tournament.  She had SO much fun and did SO good.  She scored 2 points and had several steals.  I mean, how tough does she look in that picture?

2.  Libby had the stomach virus over the weekend, so she didn't cheer at her game on Saturday.  She did feel well enough to come cheer Kyndall on at one of her games, though.

3.  We had lunch with these sweet people in between ballgames.  Yay for a tournament that's close to Rosie's Cantina :)

4.  I completely forgot that I was supposed to start A Week in the Life yesterday.  I've had it in my head that it was going to start today, even though I wanted it to begin on Sunday.  Oh well.  I guess that's what three kids will to do you! (Yes, I do know all three aren't here yet, but I'm close enough!)  So we are starting today, and I'll share our day with you tomorrow!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Week In the Life 2014

Next week begins Ali Edwards’ yearly project “A Week in the Life.”  I’ve joined in on this little project for about 4 (maybe 5) years now and I love it.  It’s so fun to go back and see what we were doing a year ago.  The little things-snacks we purchased, shows we loved, house d├ęcor, etc.

You can see my last year’s posts and pages here.  Last year captured the week of September 9-15, so I'm a little off from being exactly a year apart.  Oh well.

It’s just so EASY.  Seriously.  I download Ali’s templates so that all I have to do is drag and drop the photos into the template and it’s all done.  In years’ past, I’ve just carried a notebook/phone around with me to jot down notes about our day.  This year, I’m using the notes section in my Erin Condren planner.

Next week, I’ll be posting each day’s photos + words.  (I’ll share the layouts later.)  Sunday’s photos + words will show on Monday, etc.

One thing I really aim to do is put more words on my pages.  I got all the journaling down on my daily blog posts, but not on the pages.  When I looked back, I had to go to the blog page to undertand some of the photos.  So more words is definitely a goal for this time around.

If you are participating as well, let me know!