Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's A........ Gender Reveal!

Originally, I thought I didn't want to find our what we were having.  I imagined the doctor holding up our third child on the day of his/her arrival, saying "It's a _____!!!"  Very movie-ish.  But alas, I was outvoted.   My sweet friend Ashley wanted to give us a gender reveal party, so we had the ultrasound technician place the gender ultrasound photo in an envelope, where we couldn't see.  (I was fine with this entire plan, right up until the moment that she said "Oh, I know what it is!".  At that very second, I was DYING to know!  And no matter what I said, she wouldn't tell me.  I mean, who's side was she on, anyways?)

Everyone dressed according to their prediction.  Kyndall wore blue and Libby wore pink.

Justin wore blue (wishful thinking) and I wore pink.  Part of me thought it was a boy, but I knew that if one day we had a boy, he wouldn't care that I wore pink for our gender reveal.  But if it was a girl, I would definitely hear about it if I wore blue. :)

My mom and dad both wore pink.  My dad said, considering our family history, there was no possible way it was going to be a boy.  So he went to Martin's to purchase a pink shirt.

The hopeful "Team Blue".....half of which said, "It's going to be another girl."

And the tiny "Team Pink".  Camp's shirt was the cutest--it said "I'm voting for a girlfriend.  #MrsTerry."

And the results:

It's A BOY!

The first boy in a long line of girls....poor thing.  

Libby was very concerned leading up to the reveal that her silly string can wouldn't work, and wouldn't you guess, it didn't.  And then, while I was trying to fix that, Kyndall got silly string in Lib's hair.  And it was all over from there.  The tears started and she was so upset.  She said, "I don't even want a boy!  You can't put makeup on a boy!"

However, after several party-attenders assured her that she could, indeed, put makeup on a boy (when he was really little), she was ok.  And now she is just as excited as the rest of us!

Jase Allen West will be here with us in February (or possibly late January).  We can't wait!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


In between soccer and cheerleading, school has started back.  As usual, our school had Open House night, where kids and parents both come to meet the teacher.  The girls love it, mostly because they get to see the friends they haven't seen all summer.  (They love their teachers too, but they already know them, being TK's and all.  That's teacher's kids, for those of you who don't know.)

Libby has Mrs. Flack.  As of Open House night, she was super excited about first grade. As of the time I'm writing this post, she is almost-ok with first grade.  The two weeks in the middle have been very questionable.  She said she loved her teacher.  She said she loved her friends.  She said the work wasn't hard.  But every single night she cried.  And asked to be home-schooled.  And every single morning she cried.  And asked to be home-schooled. It's been a long road from Open House night until today, and I'm hoping (and praying!) that she at least stays "almost-ok" with first grade.  I'm wishing it even gets better.

On the bright side, Kyndall has Mrs. Downs and is loving every single second of third grade.  Her teacher is a fun and even stands on her head if the whole class gets an "A" on a test.  Last week, she did the Ice Bucket Challenge with her class, at school.  Kyndall also has most of her best friends in her class, which makes it even better.

(Excuse my crummy photos....I think my almost-10-year-old camera is ready to hit the grave!)

As for me, school is coasting right along.  It's more exhausting than usual (wonder why? ha!), but definitely just as gratifying.  God has truly put me right where I need to be--I see close to 600 students multiple times each week.  I know 500 of them by name--I'm still working on those Kindergarteners!  I get hugs, and belly rubs, and interesting conversation all day long.  What's not to love?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ra, Ra Ree! Kick 'Em in the Knee!

As mentioned in my previous post, Libby has started cheering this year! She loves it, and I love watching her.  (I'm not a good "cheer mom" though.  I think they are cute, regardless of whether they do the cheers right or not!)

Mal is helping coach her squad, which makes cheering even more special for Libby.  She walks around the house now, cheering or cartwheeling, or high-V'ing.  As if she wasn't loud enough before :)

She loves dressing up in her uniform and "cheer bow".

Most of all, I think she loves having her own "thing".  Kyndall has had soccer and basketball, and even softball a time or two.  Libby has never been interested in sports, but she is soaking up the fact that people come to her "big games" (as she calls them), just to watch her!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back in The Game

Disclaimer:  Prepare yourself, dear reader.  There are about to be a barrage of make-up posts headed your way.  Lots of things have happened since I last posted--back to school, the start of soccer, football (and cheer for Libby) season, our GENDER REVEAL!  It's all coming your way over the next few days, so hold onto your hats!

The West family is back in the game.. soccer game, that is.  Having never played soccer in school, Justin and I were skeptical when Kyndall wanted to sign up a few years ago.  Now, we're fanatics.  It's so intense.  It's so fast.  It can be rough and this pregnant mama wants to get on the field and yell at some referees for letting those big kids be rough with my baby.

But it's right up Kyndall's alley.  She's intense.  She's fast.  She's aggressive (i.e.:  a little rough).  And while I don't know that she'll be the next Mia Hamm, she's pretty darn good.  But even better, she loves it.  And that's what counts.

So if you are looking for us in the next few weeks, we'll either be at a soccer field or a football field, or split between the two =).

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kyndall Malynn...On Turning Eight.

Tomboy.  Animal lover.  Camouflage wearer.  At 10:20 a.m., eight years ago, Kyndall came into the world and made us parents for the first time.  You can find her birth story here.

A few things about Kyndall:
  • She is super smart.  She often surprises me with the things she knows or can do.
  • She is stubborn.
  • She excels at sports.  
  • She loves being outside, either playing sports or doing something with animals.  She is constantly catching frogs and lizards and bringing them to me.
  • Great sense of humor.
  • Very good at entertaining herself-either by drawing, creating something, or reading.
  • For her birthday, she chose to go indoor rock climbing with a few of her favorite people.

An interview with Kyndall, on her eighth birthday:

What is your name?  Kyndall Malynn West

What is your favorite color?  Green.

What is your favorite song?  Ho! Hey!

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A veterinarian or a zoologist.

What makes you happy?  Max.

What makes you feel most loved?  My family.

What are you afraid of?  Monsters!

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?  Three more wishes.

What makes you mad?  When people laugh at me.

What is something that is really hard for you to do?  Score a goal in soccer.

What is something that is really easy for you to do?  Rock climbing.

What is ONE thing you want us to know about you?  I love animals and soccer.