Friday, September 26, 2014

Madam Vice President

As I mentioned in this post, Kyndall ran for Vice President of our school's Student Council last week.  There were 12 students running for this position, and Kyndall had to give a speech in front of around three hundred people.  (Deep down inside, I wanted to talk her out of it.  I didn't even try, but I sooo wanted to.  How scary!  She's only 8!)  She did AWESOME.  They all did, really.  I was super impressed with every student who had the guts to get up and speak in front of that crowd.

Just in case you missed it, she had some super creative posters.....

And her speech was riveting.

From the original vote, Kyndall and one other girl tied, so there had to be a run-off.  After the run-off votes were counted, it was official.  My daughter is now the Vice President of our school. :)

Of course, there were inductions, complete with certificate.

How about that smile? Ha!

Don't think I don't use this to my advantage.  Does a VP be mean to her sister?  I think a VP would unload that dishwasher.  That is not the attitude of a VP.  (I'm a horrible mom.  She's never running for office again, is she?)

SO very proud of my little VP!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Photo-shoot in the Cotton

The cotton is blooming at my parents house so I took the girls out for a photo-shoot after church on Sunday.  They usually gripe and moan when I take pictures, but they seemed to enjoy this as much as I did.

Libby is fake smiling right now and I happen to love it.  It's a phase all kids go through when learning how to work their "real" smile, and it's just another piece of her personality falling into place.

Picking a few cotton balls afterward was their favorite part!

PS:  I knew this already, but after this shoot I re-realized that I am in desperate need of some photoshop classes.  So if you teach, or know of a good digital class, let me know!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Weekend Stories

We spent our weekend enjoying homecoming games and soccer tournaments.  Libby was voted homecoming attendant by the youth league football team.  She got a crown and a sash, so she was super excited.  (Libby walks around with an invisible crown on anyways, so she was in Heaven with a real one!)

Her friend Ty was her escort.  He's a very tall second grader and Libby is a very tiny first grader, but they made it work :)

They also did their dance during homecoming.  Libby is in the middle, front, third from the left.  You can't hear the music well, but the dance is set to "Shake it Off" by T.Swift.  (Which is very appropriate for Libby's homecoming, but that's a story for another day!)

And just for fun, here's a throwback from about two years ago.

Be still my heart.  Look at those baby faces!

Amidst all this homecoming chaos, Kyndall started soccer tournaments.  They won the first game and had to play the other WM team during the second game.

I took my camera.  I had every intention of taking pictures.  Really, I did.  But this game was so nail-bitingly intense that all my intentions flew out the window.  I had to concentrate on not throwing up.  Seriously.  No one scored at all until the third quarter, when our team sank a ball into the net.  During the fourth quarter, the other team scored.

Overtime in soccer is 5 minutes of regular game-time, and if no one scores, they go into a "Sudden Death" shoot-out.  Of course, our game went into a shoot-out after 5 minutes of intense playing, but no goals.  In the shoot-out, five players from each team line up (one at a time) against the goalie of the opposing team.  The team that gets the most goals in this wins.  Our team scored 2 points during the shoot-out and the other team scored 4, making the overall score 3-5.

It was the best soccer game I have seen in a while.  My girl is the next Mia Hamm, I'm telling you (and I'm not prejudiced at all).  When these WM kids reach high school age, there's going to be no stopping them on the soccer field!

The tournament is double-elimination, so K still has a few soccer games left before the end of the season.  And then it's on to basketball from there--no rest for this pregnant mommy! :)

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


How about that photo bomber in the back?  Hey Pops :)
  • I've been walking around with my hand under my belly a lot lately.  It helps with the pull from pregnancy, but mostly it's just habit.  Libby will randomly walk up and put her hands under my belly, saying "I'll hold him for a minute, Mama."  Just precious. (PS:  This photo was very "in-the-moment", thus Libby's silly face!)
  • Kyndall has been working on a seed project for school.  Nothing fancy, just a painted egg carton with seeds in each crate.  While I was content just to slap something together and call it finished, she was not.  I heard "But this is a TEST grade!" and "It has to be PRETTY!" a million times.  She definitely gets this part of her personality from her daddy. :)
  • "Project:  Get House Ready For Baby" is in full swing.  The girls room has been painted turquoise, the nursery has been painted gray, the kids bathroom is gray.  The hallway is gray.  My bathroom is gray.  The living room/kitchen/dining room area is a combination of new gray and old gold, where they have started painting but not finished.  My house is a construction zone right now and I am completely (and oddly) ok with that.
  • I am in the process of hair therapy.  After years of highlights, my hair is FRIED.  This summer, my hair stylist and I started an "intense session of hair therapy."  I am definitely a blonde-haired girl at heart, but for the past several months, I've had dark hair.  Last week, I was finally able to get some highlights back in and I'm beginning to feel like my true self again!
  • Libby is learning her homecoming dance at cheer practice.  She practices at home constantly. Con-Stant-Ly!  It is set to 8-counts, so all I hear is "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8."  Even while brushing her teeth.
  • Kyndall is running for Vice President of our school's student council.  She has to give a speech, and design four posters.  Her "Frozen" poster was my favorite....
And that, along with a ton of time at the ball field. is what we have been up to lately.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's A........ Gender Reveal!

Originally, I thought I didn't want to find our what we were having.  I imagined the doctor holding up our third child on the day of his/her arrival, saying "It's a _____!!!"  Very movie-ish.  But alas, I was outvoted.   My sweet friend Ashley wanted to give us a gender reveal party, so we had the ultrasound technician place the gender ultrasound photo in an envelope, where we couldn't see.  (I was fine with this entire plan, right up until the moment that she said "Oh, I know what it is!".  At that very second, I was DYING to know!  And no matter what I said, she wouldn't tell me.  I mean, who's side was she on, anyways?)

Everyone dressed according to their prediction.  Kyndall wore blue and Libby wore pink.

Justin wore blue (wishful thinking) and I wore pink.  Part of me thought it was a boy, but I knew that if one day we had a boy, he wouldn't care that I wore pink for our gender reveal.  But if it was a girl, I would definitely hear about it if I wore blue. :)

My mom and dad both wore pink.  My dad said, considering our family history, there was no possible way it was going to be a boy.  So he went to Martin's to purchase a pink shirt.

The hopeful "Team Blue".....half of which said, "It's going to be another girl."

And the tiny "Team Pink".  Camp's shirt was the cutest--it said "I'm voting for a girlfriend.  #MrsTerry."

And the results:

It's A BOY!

The first boy in a long line of girls....poor thing.  

Libby was very concerned leading up to the reveal that her silly string can wouldn't work, and wouldn't you guess, it didn't.  And then, while I was trying to fix that, Kyndall got silly string in Lib's hair.  And it was all over from there.  The tears started and she was so upset.  She said, "I don't even want a boy!  You can't put makeup on a boy!"

However, after several party-attenders assured her that she could, indeed, put makeup on a boy (when he was really little), she was ok.  And now she is just as excited as the rest of us!

Jase Allen West will be here with us in February (or possibly late January).  We can't wait!